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Getting to the Festival

The All Day I Dream Festival is located at the beautiful:

Woodward Reservoir Park

14528 26 Mile Rd, Oakdale, CA 95361

The venue itself is approximately a breezy 1 1/2 hour drive from San Francisco and a few DJ mixes, err, we mean a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles. 

There are also a number of airports in the vicinity too! Stockton (SCK) Airport - 23 miles.  San Francisco (SFO) - 86 miles. San Jose (SJC) - 66 miles, Oakland (OAK) -75 miles, Concord (JQF) 78 miles, Sacramento (SMF) -76 miles.


Unless you have purchased an RV or Car Camping pass, your vehicle will need a parking pass. One parking pass per vehicle, and everybody in the vehicle will need their own, separate Festival Pass. We highly recommend packing the vehicle with as many amazing people as you have seat belts for - the journey is half the fun, as you know. 

RV and Car Camping

You want to camp in your vehicle, and your vehicle wants to camp with you. If you’re doing the car camping thing, your car will need a Car Camping pass, which is different than a parking pass. Your RV will need an RV pass. Vehicle passes are sold per vehicle, not per person. Everybody inside the vehicle will need a separate Festival Pass (for humans, not vehicles).  And we know you want to park your RV right next to your friends’ RV, but RV placement will be up to festival staff when you arrive. We can’t make you any promises, except that we all want you to be with your friends too - we recommend coming together and coming early to make it happen.

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We are grateful to have the opportunity to host this event at the beautiful Woodward Reservoir Park in Oakdale CA. There have only been a few music festivals allowed at Woodward, more notably Symbiosis in 2015 & 2016. The perfect location for musical escapism. Whether under the sun or the moon this magical place lends itself fully to a camping festival weekend. 

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Traditionally the weather is warm and sunny. Yay! (75 to 85 degrees during the day and night). The lake is wet and swimmable so feel free to bring your bathing suits or just bask on the beaches or, bring a submarine as that would be pretty cool! Finally, there are plenty of beautiful places to set up your camp and create your own little neighborhood. As with some of our other favourite festivals we are striving to be a leave-no-trace event so please keep this in mind when camping, dancing, swimming, sailing, stargazing, eating, drinking, kissing (ok, maybe you can leave a hikkie) etc, etc, etc….